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Elliptical Orbit Sunchoke

Package of 4 tubers, EOSU $12.20 Out of stock

Found as a chance seedling of Wild PJ's and possibly Fuseau by one of our customers, Elliptical Orbit has proven itself to have heavier yields than both with a more uniform blocky shape.  The long white tubers are easy to clean. This variety stolons heavy but at the same time the tubers pull from the soil without breaking.   In cooking, this variety makes a smooth mash 'potato' and would be a good substitute.  Elliptical Orbit produces many acorn shaped tubers as well as long cylindrical tubers but all are easy to clean with no knobs. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Helianthus tuberosus
Hardiness -30F
Soil Any type of soil will do even clay or just sand.
Climate Zone 3-9
Ease of Cultivation This selection is one of the best for yields. The large tubers can be harvested and cleaned easily. The plant itself is quite vigorous with good spreading ability. Use a 30 gallon woven textile bag if you need to grow it contained. Height may go to 12 ft. or more. Oh yeah, sunchokes can do that!

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