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Big Leaf Cultivated Stinging Nettle

Field Grown, Package of 3 Rhizomes, CUSN_3 $8.75
Field grown, Package of 10 Rhizomes, CUSN_10 $17.75
Domesticated Selection Know for it Massive Yields and Growth-Clonally Propagated from Roots 

This selection was originally grown from seed from numerous seedlings selected specifically for its vigor, large leaves and taste. Keep in mind, nothing was done about the stinging part of the leaves which of course disappears once steamed or cooked in some way.  Spreads quickly by rhizomes. Harvest the greens in spring when 6-12 inches tall or pluck from the stem. You can also cut it back to the ground in the summer to get another crop as the rhizomes are large enough to withstand the shock. Cultivated produces large leaves about twice the size of ‘Less Sting’. This is the species grown in Europe as an herb for relief from allergies and congestion. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Urtica dioica
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25F or so
Height (ft) 5
Width (ft) 3
Pollination Requirements May or may not self seed. Clonal propagation from numerous seedlings.
Soil Anything and likely a great bio-accumulator.
Climate Zone 4 to zone 9.
Ease of Cultivation Super easy. Highly vigorous. Give it room as the rhizomes are strong in this nettle Obe One. Tends to colonize an area. Eventually collapses over time. Best flavored form we have found so far with massive yields. Numerous cuttings can be done.