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Carolinas Groundnut

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This perfectly round groundnut has a larger size than Virginia with excellent yields per square foot. The short nodes make it one of the most prolific we have grown. It was originally  was part of a collection given to us as seed North Carolina. Carolinas is a short season variety with excellent yield potential in raised beds. It is easy to harvest and can be extracted as one long stolon as it grows shallow in the soil.

Like all groundnuts, this high protein tuber can be used in many ways from soups, stir fry, and even mashed. We have found this selection to grow fairly well in non irrigated soils in sandy sites once established. Part of this is due to its root system which is aggressive enough to grow in mixed grasses OK without cultivation.  Carolinas represents an easy cultivated high protein tuber crop that anyone can add to their diet without a lot of processing in the kitchen. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Apios americana
Seed Source North Carolina
Hardiness minus 30 F
Height (ft) 10-20 tall but needs a trellis
Soil Rich organic soil is ideal high in peat or a peat mix with sand.
Climate Zone 3-9. Tolerable to a wide range of climates.
Ease of Cultivation A small trellis is needed just to keep the foliage above the ground. This increases yield. The foliage can be eaten by whitetail deer. Use a deer repellant spray early in the season. Few if any tubers are eaten by voles in the winter compared to sunchokes.

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