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Densituberous Groundnut

Densituberous Groundnut
Densituberous Groundnut
Highly Productive-Easily Grown in Short Season Areas-Owen Selection

This selection is grown in the UK where it has proved successful in the less than sunny conditions and coolness of the English climate. Produces masses of two inch tubers close together along the rhizome. Medium sized vine is produced similar to the species around 8-12 ft. long. It has flowered profusedly for us but has not produced peas. Tuber quality and yields make this one of  the most easily grown selection in short season areas.  Probably the greatest density of tubers are produced in raised beds with this selection as it tends not to 'wander off' the beaten path as the tubers are close to the surface of the soil. Ships in the spring and fall during dormancy. 



Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Apios americana

Seed Source:

Unknown Find



Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Not sure. Does not produce peas here so far.


Prefers moist high organic soils but tolerable to a wide range of loams and clays.


Zone 4 ish- Zone 9. Not for arid climates but possibly under irrigation good yields in hot dry locations.

Ease of Cultivation:

Very productive selection making it a good groundnut to begin with. Anyone can grow this pretty much like pole beans with similar average cultural requirements.

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