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Dwarf Carline Thistle

Pot, 2 yr. DCTH $14.20

Dwarf carline thistle is a plant found in the mountains of southern and central Europe.  The head of it can be picked when immature and used in the same way as a globe artichoke. The young flowers were often picked  and boiled. It earned the name  "hunters bread". This species type has a stemless flower that grows from a central crown. The thick deep tap roots will eventually stolon outwards slowly. Dwarf carline thistle is an easy plant to grow. Few have grown it long enough to test the yield aspect of it. 

Perennial in nature, this thistle offers an opportunity to start a colony of perennial globe artichokes. This plant does not like regular irrigation or organic matter. Prefers a more alkaline soil and full hot sun. Looks like a cactus, so treat like a cactus. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Carlina acaulis subsp. simplex
Hardiness -20 F or more. Root hardy.
Height (ft) 5-6 inches
Width (ft) 6-12 inches
Pollination Requirements Self fertile.
Soil Best in dry soil types-'chalky' which means alkaline or slightly acidic. Low moisture like cactus.
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to establish. Keep in mind that it needs wide open hot sun field like conditions. Adaptible to dry hot conditions and does produce an edible head. How many per plant, yield etc. no one has looked into that into any detail. Might be propagated by root cuttings as this would speed up establishment of larger colonies creating a greater yield potential.