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Crispy Snack Hog Peanut ECOS

Crispy Snack Hog Peanut
Crispy Snack Hog Peanut

Excellent Nitrogen Fixing Plant For the Shade of Other Trees and Shrubs

Selected hog peanut variety known for its delicious tubers,robust growth and possible higher yields. Compared to others we have grown, we think 'Crispy Snack' is more productive with larger tubers. It is similar to the wild form and is not hybridized.  The bean sized tubers are produced on small rhizome type plants that reach roughly 6 inches in height and 2 foot long. It also produces small amounts of seeds in small pea like pods. The underground peanut like beans are high in protein and are kind of hard to find in the soil. As a result we have resulted to growing them in flats or grow bags. Once established this plant does well in the shade of our plantings. Only a few tubers are needed and once established it will spread quickly given the right growing conditions. For this reason, it may not be the best flower garden plant but would be the very best for tree crop and orchards that want a nitrogen fixing legume helping the trees increase production.  Tubers are shipped in the dormant season-spring and fall. 

Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Amphicarpaea bracteata

Seed Source:



-30 F

Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile. Produces both ground level and above ground flowers.


Woodsy Soil


Zones 3-7. Unknown how far south it can go.

Ease of Cultivation:

Super easy to produce. Harvesting is tricky and you may need to produce them in a container to get the best in production. The tubers are camo'd and are hard to find sometimes. Lovely flavor to search out in the fall.

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