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Skirret Skirret

Also known as "the forgotten root," this plant with the funny name is actually part of the carrot family. In the Middle Ages, it was the primary root crop later replaced by the potato. In parts of Asia it is still widely used in cooking. The small, sweet root can be used interchangeably with carrots, parsnips or potatoes. No need to peel. Harvesting can take place after the foliage has died back from frost in the fall. It's easy to grow, long-lived and simple to propagate from the root.  It is making a come back in the UK and is really is quite delicious fresh or cooked. It has a sweet aftertaste. We are glad to grow it again. Ours are grown from seeds. The umbel shaped flowers like Queen Annes Lace produce some seeds but normally it is not a heavy producer of seeds.

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