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Clusternut Groundnut

4 tubers, CLGR_4 $12.20

Tags: Apios, groundnut, clusternut

This 'short nodded' groundnut is the first of its kind where the tubers are closely packed along the rhizome every 1/2 inch with little or no strings.  The top growth is also a compact vine that does not grow much ideal for container growing.  The tubers are small growing 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size but the yield makes up for it in terms of density of tubers and quick maturity. From Virginia, we grew this variety from seed and selected numerous plants with this unique characteristic, which we think will out yield soybeans per acre in terms of plant protein.

Unlike the Nutty varieties this more northern groundnut would likely grow and produce one year tubers in short season areas but it has not been tested to any degree outside of Michigan. For us it is the best groundnut for use with soups and stews as it requires no prep to use. The tubers come out clean when harvesting just with a short yank. No need to dig. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Apios americana
Seed Source Michigan, Virginia
Hardiness -25F or more
Height (ft) 5-10 ft.
Width (ft) 5 ft.
Pollination Requirements Not sure if this variety produces seeds (peas) , but probably does under the right conditions.
Soil Does best in more moisture laden high organic soil than dry sandy soils.
Climate Zones 3-9
Ease of Cultivation Easy to grow shallow rooted rhizome type plant that anyone can grow. Highest yields in full sun with irrigation. Likes peat rich high organic soils but will tolerate sand and even clay. Adaptable to soils and climate, this selection does well in the north but does have small tubers. The tubers are easy to harvest growing only one inch below the ground in clusters along a rhizome.