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Nora Sunchoke

Nora Sunchoke

These beige, cone-shaped sunchokes are packed with a sweet, nutty and light flavor.  This one is the favorite of our taste-tester. The sunchoke contains about 10% protein, no oil and little starch. It is mainly the carbohydrate inulin that makes up about 3/4 of this root, and the fructose that gives it its sweetness. Highly enjoyable sauteed or roasted. This selection would be good in short season areas as it flowers and sets tubers very early in the season about a month earlier than others. It also has a nice flower display which flowers early compared to the other selections.

The tubers are cut in pieces from 1-2 inch size. Each tuber has many eyes or growing points on the surface of the tuber. (Ships dormant in spring and fall from Oct. to Dec.and again March to May.)

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