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Nutty #3 Groundnut

2 Tubers, NUGR3_2127 $12.20 Out of stock

This selection #2127 from Dr. Blackmon from the Louisiana State University breeding program was another large tuber selection that produces consistently in the southern and central U.S. This selection along with Simon are slowly gaining recognition of a new type of healthy tuber crop high in protein and relatively easy to produce in a fluctuating climate. This selection produces large tubers which can be harvested annually or biennially. The tubers do not freeze during the winter and can be left outdoors. Like 2183 this groundnut selection is fully hardy in Michigan but may take two years to establish before harvesting. Irrigation during dry times is  a good idea for consistent yields. Using fertilizer and rich organic mulch greatly increases the plants yields even in the short season north. 

Ships in the spring and fall during the dormant season.