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Huron Sand Violet

Pot, HSVI $4.20

One of the Most Delicious Violets for Salads

Both the texture, lack of hairs on the leaves as well as not being so fibrous make this the ideal violet to grow for its fresh greens in the spring and summer. It has a compact growing habit and flowers in early to mid-spring. It can grow pretty much anywhere and at any elevation. Will tolerate shade and grow in a variety of soils. Young leaves and flower buds are edible. Leaves can act as a thickening agent in soup a lot like okra. This species selection was found growing in great profusion on a sandy flat area near Lake Huron. The  rich dark green leaves and mild flavor make this selection one of the best for salads. Much more adaptable to full sun locations this violet is probably the best culinary selection we have found that is also easier to cultivate as you would other green leafy crops. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viola affinis
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30F
Height (ft) 6 inches
Width (ft) 1
Soil wet or dry, sandy or loam
Climate Zone 3-9 Widespread species type.
Ease of Cultivation Anyone can grow this plant.Produces a good crop of edible greens in the spring and early summer.