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Mountain Daylily

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The Edible Daylily 

This is a species of daylily found in the high mountain meadows of Japan and Siberia. The orange flowers have a fruity fragrance and are cooked as a vegetable or added fresh to salad called nikko–kisuge. To a point all daylilies have edible flowers. The difference with this selection is that it is easily digestible and has a mild flavor with not an over abundance of it floral bouqet. Ours is a seed source originally collected wild in Japan called esculenta. Flowers in late June on 2–3 foot stems. Earliest of all flowering daylilies. Collect the buds in color but before opening or the day of opening in the morning. Each stem produces 4-18 buds. As the plant grows in age, each plant will produce multiple stems. It is a lovely edible plant and can be propagated from seed or cuttings. Completely resistant to deer browse. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Hemerocallis middendorffii var. esculenta
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -35
Height (ft) 2
Width (ft) 1
Pollination Requirements For seed production plant two.
Soil Not particular. Sandy and rocky is good.
Climate Zone 3-8.
Ease of Cultivation Super easy to grow. Shade tolerant but best in highly exposed sights. Easy companion crop with other edible trees and shrubs.