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Perennial Broccoli

Pot, PEBR $8.20
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Next Available Crop October 1, 2020.

Perennial In Nature-Long Live the Broccoli

Perennial broccoli  delivers the real broccoli taste without the bug issues in the cabbage family. This species called Turkish rocket makes it much easier to grow as a perennial greens as it is not related to the Brassica family. Impervious to aphids and cabbage butterfly larvae, Turkish rocket steps up to fill the need. Although small one inch heads are teeny in the broccoli world, this perennial species grows in a clump form producing hundreds of small heads. The leaves are also edible although fibrous.  Ironically this plant is kind of hard to propagate and rarely produces solid seeds and are slow to germinate so it took us a while to build up stock. The leaves can also be used in the early spring season but generally its the heads that are usually harvested. 

It gets high ratings in flavor department  with a kind of cabbage like taste which is not bitter. The thick roots go deep and have survived our mix of prairie grasses as well as our rock and sand hill that has no topsoil to speak of. Will spread via seed on barren soil but is not a rhizome plant.  No shipment to WI. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Buni orientalis
Hardiness -20 F
Height (ft) 2-3
Width (ft) 2-3
Soil Likes sandy rocky disturbed soil.
Climate Zone 4-8. Does best in full sun.
Ease of Cultivation Easy. Difficult to grow from seed usually and rarely sets a lot of fertile seed. Delicious and useful immune to cabbage butterfly larvae.