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Manitoba Sunchoke

Package of 4 tubers, MASU $9.80
Package of 2 tubers, MASU-2 $5.20

Tags: Manitoba, sunchoke

This incredibly short season sunchoke is the farthest northern strain of Jerusalem artichoke. Found by the USDA scientists in Manitoba, Canada we were able to grow a variety of seedlings from the USDA seed bank. They are natural dwarf plants that grow from 2 -3 ft. tall and go dormant in August. The tiny tubers are more rhizome like and grow up to 2-3 ft horizontally in a single season. This selection is super hardy and may be useful for creating short season selections. The small flowers appear often in singles near the center of the plant which is a lot like sunflowers. This is a mixed selection of seedlings from this grow out from the USDA seed bank.

A few of these seedlings are now being selected for single tubers with no knobs and smooth skin that are quick to cook in soup without slicing. 

The pot contains multiple tubers and are produced in long 14 inch pots that are 4 inches square. This dimensional size creates a 'flock' of sunchokes so you can plant them in the summer or fall when still in the green stage.  Quantity varies but it runs from 10-20 per pot. When you get the pot, cut the x out of the bottom then slide out the tubers slowly or by slitting the sides of the pot you can extract the whole root mass without disturbing it. 

Ships in the dormant seasons from March to early May and again from mid October to late November. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Helianthus tuberosus
Hardiness -40F
Height (ft) 2-3 ft.
Climate Cold short season type from Zone 3-5.
Ease of Cultivation This selection is not considered a variety but more of a specific species type found in an area of the world that is outside the normal range maps of the species. Worthwhile to develop short season selections but not that practical in terms of tuber harvest.