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Treasure Groundnut

4 Tubers, TRGR $14.20 Out of stock

Will Give New Meaning to "Digging for Treasure"

Treasure is one of our most productive groundnut varieties. The 1 - 2 inch long groundnuts are produced in huge abundance along a central 'string' or rhizome fairly close to the surface of the soil. The high yields for this short season selection makes it an ideal groundnut for more northern areas even into zone 4.

The vines of this selection is also vigorous and it would be a good idea to trellis them up to 10 feet to get the maximum photosynthetic advantage.  Treasure is a selection that was made from numerous other fertile non hybrid plants. It will produce edible peas as well. The shallow roots spread outward along a single string. Treasure is an amazing producer of foliage and tubers. It has proven to be the most vigorous selection we have. As a result we grow them in a raised bed that is 8 inches deep which is lined with a woven landscape fabric to keep them contained. It also makes it easier to harvest. 

Can ship from November through May. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Apios americana
Hardiness -25 F or more
Height (ft) 10-30
Pollination Requirements Cross pollination produces the best pea production.
Soil High organic, wet, or clay loam. Adaptable to a wide range of soil types including sand.
Climate Zone 4ish-9. Seems durable enough to grow in hot climates as well.
Ease of Cultivation Anyone can grow it. No issues with insects or disease. Can be grown with fruit and nut plants as an understory vine. The tubers are rhizome like and grow best if not confined. Pots are not effective for growing groundnuts.