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Very Wild Asparagus

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Wild Selection of the Cultivated Asparagus Grown from Seed

‘Very Wild’ is a naturalized or wild selection of asparagii from the most vigorous and long lived plants growing on our farm untended. Our seed plants have been here for over 30 years and are still productive. They are wild forms that self seeded. They originated from cultivated stands starting 70 years ago or more. 

Very Wild has a more pronounced flavor than the cloned named selections that are currently available. Some of our customers say it is the best flavored asparagus they have. This is because most varieties are selected for mild flavor as well as being tended for heavy production with lots of fertilizer. 'Very Wild' can propagated by seeds which creates a more genetically diverse planting which leads to a more robust and long lived patch. Space 1 ft. apart in rows 3 ft. apart.  



Plant Specs
Genus & Species Asparagus officinalis
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30
Height (ft) 4
Width (ft) 3
Soil Adaptable but best in sandy soil.
Climate Zones 3-8 . Good in the north.
Ease of Cultivation This strain has been the most resistant to bugs so far. Responds well to fertilizer and quickly establishes. Male and female plants are produced.

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