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Perennial Wheat

Perennial Wheat
Perennial Wheat Perennial Wheat
Perennial Version of Wheat-Vigorous Seed Heads Reach up to 3 ft. Tall-Dense Dark Silver Green Foliage

Selection of wheat created by Peters Seed Company using the prairie species called Intermediate Wheat Grass and hybridized it with annual wheat and rye. At first some of the seedlings lived for 2-3 years before giving up. However a few had vigor, survived longer than 7 years and produced  small wheat berries.This new generation is now just starting to show perennial possibilities. We believe this version has hybridized with a perennial prairie selection called 'Oahe' which we grew nearby hoping it would cross pollinate. It worked. Although the yields are low and the seeds are small, it would be worth trying to cross it with regular annual wheat again. Try it. Plant some wheat along side it and let nature takes it course. Height varies from 2-4 ft. The fruiting head can sometimes reach up to 18 inches long making it a nice ornamental grass. The foliage has a nice silver green color. Highly tolerant to drought. Creates a dense sod. Rated high in taste tests compared to regular wheat.  


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Triticum x hybrid

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