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Plum Seed Mix

500 Seeds Mix, PLSM_S-500M $320.00


100 seeds of 5 types of plums. 500 seeds total. Each packaged separately and labeled individually

This was a request for a mix of species of all plums from my farm making for the ultimate plum collector. Many years ago I read of a plum collection that was done by Niels Ebbesen Hansen. His work was under appreciated at the time and his collection was lost and was bulldozed out eventually. This South Dakota collection was done in the early 1900's and contained a huge repository of world plants from Russia as well as many North American species like the bush cherry Prunus besseyi.   When I read about this, it inspired me to try to replicate this in some way. 

Using a wide variety of seed sources can create a solid repository  of plants useful as is or for 'breeding' and selection over time. This collection contains some of the best selections at my farm and would make it possible for you to establish a permanent repository of wild plums for culinary uses. This is the future of Prunus as a fruit crop which will contain flavors and ease of cultivation not found in the European and Japanese plums currently the most cultivated species in the world. 

All seeds are collected from selected parent trees as seen the links below. 

For germination use the other Prunus directions for any wild plum: Cold dormancy for 60-120 days of cold period is needed to germinate. Use cold and moisture at 34F to 38F to start the process. Do not throw the seeds out the first year if they do not all germinate. Some have a dormant embryo that needs to continue to grow and then go through a second dormancy. This is normal.  

Package contains 5 types-500 seeds:  Island Beach Plum, Wild Goose Plum Original, Morning Sun Wild Goose Plum, Yellow Ussuri Plum, Gooseasaw Plum, Dunbar Plum or others.  Seed quantities will vary from 50 to 100 per selection depending on what is in stock. I cannot guarantee what will be in each packet as far as quantity goes as it based on what is still in inventory when I pack them. Each packet will be labeled individually and not 'mixed up'.  The total will contain over 500 seeds plus free packet of seeds of other plums that I have in small amounts. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus x hybrids and species grown at my farm. Not wild collected.

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