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Precocious Rose Seeds

Packet of 20 seeds, PRRO_S $4.20

This unknown seedling hybrid rose is a selection that has the most yield of hips than any seedling rose we have at our farm. It produces huge clusters of rose hips in great density. The hips tend to blet or ripen to a soft stage but not rot on the plant making them even more valuable as this tends to make processing easier much like the medlars. The small one inch pink blossoms have a yellow center and attract lots of pollinators when in full bloom.

To germinate the seeds: Store in lightly moist peat moss for 90-120 days in refrigerator storage from 33-38 F.  After 90 days, some of the seeds may germinate quickly. Pick those out and plant carefully in a well drained soil mix.  A portion of the seeds will not sprout but will split and grow the following season. Normally the rose seed has a hard and rather water repellant seed coat and letting the soil bacteria work on it , will cause the seed coat to break down and then allow for germination to take place.  The best method:Plant outside 1/8 inch deep outside in the fall placing seeds 1/4 inch apart. Easier to grow outside than in pots. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rosa x hybrid
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20 F
Height (ft) 6
Width (ft) 6-8
Soil Doesn't appear to matter much. Loam or sand slightly acidic is best.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation Slowly germinates over 2 years because of the impermeable seed coat. Once sprouted and growing easy to transplant and fruit. One of the best for vigor and foliage health.

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