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1500 Year Old Cave Bean

Packet of 20 seeds, CAVE $3.80

Tags: Heirloom, pole, bean

1500 Year Old Cave Bean was discovered in a cave in New Mexico sealed in a clay pot with pitch. This ancient ‘pole green bean’ was carbon dated to 1500 years ago. Vines produce flat and long green beans in great abundance. Flavor is mild with a crispy texture. One of the most productive  pole beans we have grown at our farm. Its vigor and yields make it a must for interplanting with other perennial crops. Plant 1/2 inch deep with plants 3-6 inches apart.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Phaselous (Romano type)
Seed Source New Mexico
Pollination Requirements Self pollinating.
Soil Sandy loam or light soil.
Climate Annual crop easily grown in the northeast to southwest.
Ease of Cultivation Very easy to grow and fruit. We had planted it late in southern Michigan and all the beans fully ripened here in under 100 days or so.