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Cluster Autumnberry Seeds

Seed selection based on the highest yielding berry production meant for fruit production and orchards for the making of syrups, jam and drinks. Dark red berries are produced in larger clusters making picking by hand easier. These seed selections are the final results of us searching for the best Autumn olives many of which were roadside plants and a few cultivated seedlings at our farm. These include the high lycopene (20 times more lycopene than a tomato) dark red selection called Red Olive and the cluster fruit tendancies of VanKal. These show a possibility of selecting a berry with a bright future for its incredibly healthful and cancer preventative fruits with edible seeds as well as its nitrogen fixing tendencies which encourages both the growth of many native plants and native pollinators.  Cluster autumnberry seeds are not sold by Oikos Tree Crops, but samples can be obtained for free by including them in your cart of which we can combine it to an exisiting order. Special thanks to the USDA scientists and Hector Black of Hidden Springs Nursery for their forward thinking and finding a great use for such a beneficial plant.  Everyone should grow this plant for its health giving properties.  A special no thanks for those who have banned its use or sale, those herbiciding this wonderful solution to some of our health and environmental problems and those few who are still following the pseuodoscience invasion biology: the black splotch of the ecological sciences.   Limit one packet per order.  Limited supplies.  Germination instructions:   Mix the seeds with a little lightly moist sand or Canadian peatmoss. Put in the refrigerator for 90 days. After 90 days take out of the refrigerator.  Seeds will start to germinate quickly. Some may show signs of roots emergining in the refrigerator. Without the moisture during the cold period, the seeds will not germinate. Outside planting can be fall sown to emerge in the spring. As you can imagine this plant is easy to grow from seed. Cover the seed lightly with 1/4 inch of soil or sand. Tamp the seed the place.