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Beach Plum Seeds ECOS

Beach Plum Seeds
Beach Plum Seeds

We offer the Ecos selection this year:  These seeds are selected from individuals with larger fruit with absolutely no insect or disease issues. The fruits from these bushes are the most productive by a long shot.  

To Germinate the Seeds: Follow the normal cold dormancy for plums by planting outside in the fall 1/4 inch deep with seeds spaced 1 inch apart. Seeds will emerge in late spring. A portion of the seeds will sprout after another warm and cold period. (Summer and winter).  For indoor planting, put the seeds in lightly moist Canadian Peat moss in a zip lock bag before putting in the fridge for 90-120 days at 34F to 38 F. The seeds will begin germinating in 60 days. Pluck out the cracked ones as the shells split open and plant 1/4 inch deep in lightly moist well drained soil mix. Do not overwater as beach plum seeds rot easily in heavy high organic soils. Some seeds will need an additional warm and cold period to germinate. This is normal for this type of seed so careful not to throw out the seeds thinking they are bad. 



Plant Specs

Genus & Species:

Prunus maritima

Seed Source:

Maine, Michigan, Ecos


-25F or more

Height (ft):


Width (ft):


Pollination Requirements:

Self fertile but likely needs to two genetically different to set fruit. Any two plants even from the same strain works.


Sandy, sandy loam, slightly acidic


Much more forgiving to humidity than the American plum but does do well in drier sites with sandy soil. Zones 3-8. Not good far south. Not sure about desert conditions.

Ease of Cultivation:

Easy to grow from seed. A portion of the seeds sprout the second year. Do not think you have failed the first year.

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