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Thimbleberry Seeds

Packet of 20 seeds, THIM_S $4.20

This California seed selection found in the Sierra mountains combines both the true thimbleberry and its close cousin Purple Flowering Raspberry. The flowers tend to have pink hues and are sometimes white with pink spots. It ripens its fruits 2-4 weeks earlier than our Pink Thimbleberry. Of course the flavor is out of this world in the raspberry department. To germinate the seeds: Seeds are best fall planted direct in the soil. The abrasive action of the soil plus the bacterial action will help with the germination of the seed. Lightly cover the seed. Use just enough soil and screened mulch to cover the seed and hold it in place. Tamp firmly. For the indoor method store the seed in moist Canadian peat moss for 120 days at 33F-38F. Then layout in an irrigated shady area or a flat of soil mix. Germination will occur slowly with the greatest number of seedlings emerging in the second year. Regular watering is ideal.Comes up in great profusion once established. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Rubus parviflorus
Seed Source Michigan, California Sierras
Hardiness -20F
Height (ft) 5
Width (ft) 3-5
Pollination Requirements Best to have a small colony but probably entirely self fertile.
Soil Likes acidic rocky soil with high mineral content. Appears adaptable to variations of ph.
Climate A cool season plant-Zone 3-zone 7.
Ease of Cultivation You can grow it in light shade or sun but make sure to irrigate to keep the fruit from dropping if it becomes a dry summer.