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Satomi Dogwood Seeds

Packet of 10 seeds, SADO_S $4.20 Out of stock

This selection of Kousa dogwood produces a soft mushy mild tropical flavored fruit ripening over a long period starting in October. The bright red fruit is delicious but the seeds and rather tough skin make it a challenge to consume vast quantities. The vigor of the tree along with the pink hued flowers make it a unique species to grow just for that. Compared to others we have consumed this one has a nice balance of strawberry and watermelon flavors. When we started this planting we did so because of the seed source with the hope of a hardier dogwood tree with  a better flavor. To germinate the seed:  Fall plant 1.4 inch deep. Seedlings emerge in the spring starting in April in most locations. If you are using the fridge method: store at 33 F to 38 F for 90 days. Some seeds will sprout in the fridge and will split open. These should be planted first as they rot easily in a zip lock bag. Otherwise once planted watch out for damping off. This species likes well drained soil for germination. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Cornus kousa
Seed Source Michigan -from Satomi cultivar-not grafted
Hardiness -20 F maybe more.
Height (ft) 20-40
Width (ft) 15-20
Pollination Requirements May require some cross pollination for full fruit set. Not entirely sure but have seen lone trees with not a lot of fruit. But then the fruit was seedless too so that might be worth growing.
Soil Adaptable even more so than the white dogwood.
Climate Really a tough dogwood resistant to anthracnose and mildew.
Ease of Cultivation Easy to germinate-normally sprouts quickly in the spring. The question is more how edible is edible? Fruit quality is good but not a lot of it with the seeds at times.