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Human Pole Bean

The Evolving Human Bean-It Fourishes Even in Harsh Conditions

This pole bean selection is meant as a cover crop for nitrogen fixing as well as an edible flat bean selection. Human's incredibly vigorous growth will push these up to the 20 ft. mark with luxuriant foliage resistant to rust. The idea of this strain was to create a companion crop that could be 'plunked' in surrounding a newly  planted tree or shrub.  This would then act as a kind of nurse crop surrounding and covering the plants around it. There has been little deer damage on the foliage but with all new foliage plants, it needs to be tested further.  The vigorous growth really is ideal for a protective wind and sun cover for young seedling trees especially if planted within the soil profile that was recently dug to plant the tree or shrub. The yields of the beans are high. The dry bean yield was 12 lbs on a 40 ft. row. That is an incredibly productive Human bean that doesn't require fertilizer (coffee) in the morning.

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