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Virginia Mountainmint Seeds

Virginia Mountainmint Seeds
Blend of Licorice and Peppermint

From the standpoint of butterflies and bees this plant the strongest strong attractant I know. From quite a distance you can see a cloud of butterflies and bees hovering over our planting which is located in the middle of a field of quack grass. The mint foliage is just divine and makes a dark rich tea. Kind of a light mix between licorice and peppermint.  Illinois Seed Source

To germinate the Seeds:  Fall plant by lightly tamping the seeds in the soil surface. They will grow quickly the following spring.

To germinate in the fridge, store with just a smidgen of moisture in the bag. Shake periodically and/or lightly moisten a small amount of Canadian peat moss and then store for 90 days at 33-38 F.  Sprinkle on a flat of soil and tamp in the surface. Keep the surface moist but not flooded. Small seedlings will emerge in 7-21 days. Let them grow for 2-4 weeks before transplanting.  

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