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American Hybrid Chestnut Wood

Currently unavailable: Many sizes and types of chestnut wood will be available starting in the winter of 2022. These will be small dimensional lumber as well as small diameter turning wood.  Each package will contain different sized wood in quantity enough for small wood working projects either for turning or small flat work.  Each product will contain all the information on dimensions, moisture level and exact sizes of the pieces. Once sold out, that will be the end of that particular product. New ones will come up as more wood is processed. For specific requests you can also contact me directly via email. 

Chestnut wood is hard to come. No one can grow it. Its a futile mission if you are growing pure American chestnut trees. When chestnut blight hits the bark it rarely allows the tree to get above three inches in caliper.  And no one has pieces of it just lying around either. With the exception of used chestnut wood in old barns, chestnut is just not found in todays wood market. The pieces I offer are part of my collection of chestnut trees that did survive the blight for about 30 years or more. After that, I had a portion of them milled. All of the dimensional lumber will be sold as air dried. The planks are stored indoors. I will be posting individual images of each piece of wood.  The turning wood will be taken from both fresh cut and older pieces. More details will be put up on each piece as it is listed in the options to buy. To prevent the spread of chestnut blight, neem is used on the bark pieces to kill off any possibly active blight spores. 

A personal note: The wood of chestnut is one of the most durable and rot resistant woods there is. I have donated several pieces to a local turning organization and other artisans connected to my farm in some way to see what they would produce. I was totally amazed. Some of these images will be posted in a separate blog post as well as on this listing. I am offering this wood in response to several artisans who really enjoyed creating something from it. It was on their bucket list of woods to use. The proceeds from this sale will help me upgrade my plantings as well as maintain the seed crop better. Right now the challenge is to make nut production a priority again so the seeds can be offered again for planting. The plantings need a major over haul really. Surprisingly a wood engineer had to check it out under a microscope to verify it was indeed chestnut wood as not everyone thinks it is possible to grow a chestnut tree anymore. 

Because of the volume and weight of wood, they are packaged and made to be as low cost as possible to ship via UPS or USPS.  It is possible to pick up direct from the farm. Order first then please contact Ken  oikostreecrops@gmail.com for details. Appointment only. No weekends. No cash and carry. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Castanea dentata x mollissima
Seed Source Michigan