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European Hybrid Chestnut Nuts-Scions

100 Nuts +Scions, EHCH_S-100+SC $220.00 Out of stock

currently unavailable Large Attractive Nuts - Excellent Productivity-Blight Resistant

We started using selections from these crosses because of their high yields and early fruiting from seed. Many fruit in 3-6 years from seed and the nuts generally run larger than the 'average'  Chinese selection. Seedling trees show excellent vigor with good to excellent resistance to chestnut blight.  In the end the mature trees look like a standard apple tree with a wide crown. Strains like this one are often used in the commercial production of chestnuts in China and Europe. Many of ours have their origins from the Gellatly hybrids like Laroka and others including Skookum. Often these have an upright timber form and are fully hardy in southern Michigan. One of the best seed strains at our farm for consistent nut production. You should plant another type of chestnut (European or Japanese) to cross pollinate it as they can be pollen sterile.  

Varietals:  "Ounce"   Selected seedling with very large nuts up to an ounce each and strong broad spreading branches with high resistance to complete immunity to chestnut blight. Tree is like a standard apple tree with wide spreading branches and tall height reaching 50 ft. or so. The parent tree always has a crop on it and has taken -25F at least once. The bright colored nuts ripen in October with each bur filling completely. 

"Tree-Farm"  Selected seedling with strong timber like growth with large nuts up to an ounce each. This seedling has all the characteristics of the "Timburr" chestnut but has much larger nuts. The yields are unknown but compared to "Ounce" appears to be higher. The crown is a pyramid in shape and the whole tree can be pruned like a timber tree with little side branching very easily. There appears to be no blight in the parent tree and completely immune to it. This variety also produces some very nice seedlings and could easily be grown out as a seed strain to develop further varieties as well as a distinct seed strain. Immunity to blight is a must as the trees themselves represent some of the best hybrids at my farm in terms of ecological adaptability as there is a lot going on with chestnuts.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Castanea sativa x mollissima x crenata or related
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20F to -25F
Height (ft) 60
Width (ft) 60
Pollination Requirements Plant two trees or other chestnuts except Chinquapin chestnut to fruit.
Soil Sandy acidic soil.
Climate Zones 5-9
Ease of Cultivation Robust and durable, this hybrid cross at our farm produces some amazing large nutted selections some of which exceed one ounce. The vigor in this cross is the best and can be further developed into timber and nut tree combined. The hybridity of this cross is easily mixed with other chestnuts so it is kind of a universal pollinator here.