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Briana Apricot Seeds

110 Seeds, BRAP_S-110-2AC $360.00 Out of stock

Currently Unavailable Rich Apricot Flavor-Heavy Yields on a Strong Large Upright Tree

Briana Apricot is a true to type seed grown apricot originating from central Europe.  The original came from a seed exchange done in the early 1980's from an arboretum collection.  I was able germinate two seeds labeled Prunus sibirica. After fruiting I realized it was a stable hybrid or form of Prunus sibirica with a dark orange fruit. Normally Prunus sibirica is the bitter almond type of fruit with a bitter skin barely covering the seed.

The fruit is bright orange in color with a dark orange interior. Fruit sizes are from 1 to 1-1/2" which are produced in dense clusters on short spurs along the branches. Small fruited but big in flavor, Briana has the richest taste of any apricot I have ever tasted. Little disease or insect problems occur. Begins to fruit within 3-6 years from seedling when the plant reaches 6-10 ft. tall.

Pollination is best with another apricot like Manchurian or having two plants of Briana within 20-40 feet of each other. Highly fertile with pollination completed by numerous species of bees including bumblebees, honeybees and hoover flies. 

Package includes Briana Apricot seeds from my plantings of the strongest upright trees with heavy yields. There is no apparent difference between the seedlings either in fruit quality or type or yield. Clonal reproduction is not necessary as each tree is identical for all practical purposes. It is possible this apricot variety could be produced clonally but it would be ideal to offer it as two genetically different plants to help insure fruit set and good overlap of pollination. Ideally it would be best to have it rooted if you want that for some reason. Because the fruit and nursery industry shuns seed grown plants as inferior or unstable it is likely a seed grown cultivar is not universally appreciated. But over time this variety will prove its worth as a seedling cultivar and not cloned.  

Spacing as an orchard should be 20 by  40 ft. spacing or larger.  Trees will live over 50 years easily. Height to 40 ft. with equal width. Trees can be pruned as an open central leader with wide crotch angles. Some trees have a more upright almost oak like growth habit. Some of these appear to have the highest vigor as well. 

On pollination: This species often sets fruit where other apricots fail in the the land of frosts. That partially due to the short period of flowering which means the fruit set occurs faster without damage to the flower. Another aspect of it is due to its highly self fertile nature which is common with the Briana apricot.

 On creating a seed orchard: No need for a rootstock. Grow as is for fruit production. No need to graft and no need to clone. Use your seed orchard to expand your apricot plantings without the need for a nursery. 

109 seeds will produce 2 acres of trees based on a 20 by 40 spacing ideal for this selection. Briana apricot will live twice as long as grafted trees will produce yields equal or above grafted apricot trees without the issues of rootstock compatibility and short lived grafted trees on plum rootstocks.

Next availability: Briana apricot seeds will be collected in 2022 after the crop is ripened on the tree and the seeds are dried down enough to continue the after ripening period within the seed. Seeds will then be refrigerated to prevent decay. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus sibirica x armeniaca
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30 F or more
Height (ft) 30-50 height with equal width.
Width (ft) 30-50 with equal height.
Pollination Requirements Self fertile but may benefit from having other cross pollination either from seedlings of itself or other apricots if they overlap in flowering. Pollinated by a huge number of bees and flies in the early spring.
Soil Does best in a sandy soil or sandy loam. Even rocky soil works. Needs what would be considered a well drained soil with low clay content and slightly acidic.
Climate Zones 3 ish to 4 to 8. Can grow wherever peaches can grow as well as commercial apricots. Briana is not a low chill apricot.
Ease of Cultivation From seed, very practical to grow even commercially as the seedlings are very uniform. Vigorous growing plants will fruit in 3-6 years from seed. Immune to black knot. Plants have a short window of pollination which helps in between skipping frosts. Not a shade tolerant plant but will grow in competition with other plants. Really likes exposure similar to its mountainous habitat.