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Latvian Purple Peach Seeds

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This selection of peach was given to me from a nearby farmer who knew of a family that had kept it in their family for several generations growing it from seed rather than grafting. Unlike most other seedling peaches this selection is uniform to grow true from seed. The plantings should be isolated to maintain its uniformity. It is a dwarf peach reaching about 50 percent or less size of a standard peach. Ideally it should grown from seed than grafted to maintain its compact shape. The plants show good vigor when young and will flower in 3-5 years from seed. Fruiting happens when the trees reach 3-5 ft. tall and are roughly 6 years old. The plants retain their leaves throughout the season and the fruits ripen late often into September. The skins are thick and very fuzzy which gives it its insect resistance. 

This would be a good selection grown in areas where peaches are possible while doing it from seed at the same time. By planting a mix of these into a permaculture setting, you could further refine this seed source making groves of that can be reproduced in situ. 

"Purple Droplet"  This selection has both vigor and high yield. The dark purple skin retains a very sugary sweet interior. The fruits have no disease or insect issues. The pits from this variety can be used to reproduce itself and create an orchard from it. It also allows some selection process for higher yielding plants. This is the largest plant in my planting with excellent branching, flowering and fruiting. 

To germinate the seeds:   Peach seeds are hard and need a bit of a nudge to sprout. You can bench grind the suture which will allow more water to enter and split the seed easier or you can just wait. Give the seeds cold and moist dormancy. 90-120 days of 33-38F and lightly damp Canadian peat moss. Seeds may sprout in the refrigeration portion of the dormancy so keep your eyes open for this as the seeds can rot easily this way. Pluck them out and plant in a well drained perlite enriched soil mix careful not to break off the sprouting root in the process. The seeds can be near the surface of the soil when planted, but do not let the soil mix dry during this process. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus persica
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -20F or more. Said to be very flower bud hardy in a dormant state. Has not been tested past zone 5.
Height (ft) 5-10 ft. high and wide-dwarf compared to standard peaches at least 50 percent dwarf.
Pollination Requirements Self fertile. To maintain the seed strain ideal to isolate to keep the characteristics true to seed.
Soil Sandy soil. Dry or rocky soil is ideal but adaptable.
Climate Zone 5-9
Ease of Cultivation One of the easiest peaches to grow free of all insects and diseases. Needs further grow outs and established large seed produced plantings. Both selections of commercial and non commercial seed produced trees could be done with this valuable strain. At my plantings, the trees so far have done extremely well and become more fruitful as the trees age.

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