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Michigan Prolific Northern Pecan Nuts

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SOLD OUT Since growing the northern pecans from the Northern Nut Growers Association in the early 80's I was able to establish a seedling land race of this magnificent tree using specific seeds from parent trees that ripened their nuts early. The reason for this was my farm is located in an area (western Michigan) known to be in the top ten places for cloudiness in the U.S. Over time other growers sent me pecans from far and wide including Minnesota. Michigan Prolific represents one tree that is both dwarf and heavy producing and is one of the most prolific trees at my farm. It produces annually. The nuts are produced in thick clusters in early to mid October. 

This is a good seed strain to develop further cultivars as well as a seedling strain for other cold and short season areas. The fact that the tree produced nuts at a very young age 8-10 years makes it a great precocious source which is very rare in the genus Carya.  Tree tends to be a semi-dwarf and has an open branching habit more open than other pecans I have growing at the farm. 

To germinate the seeds: Store seeds at 38 to 42 F in a moist media for 90 to 120 days . Remove from cold and seeds will sprout from 7 to 30 days at room temperature. 

Each packet contains 100 seeds plus two scions for grafting.  The variety is named 'Michigan Prolific'  for the grafted cultivar use. The seed source is the Michigan Prolific Northern Pecan. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Carya illinoenensis
Seed Source Michigan
Height (ft) 40-60 ft. with equal width
Pollination Requirements Self fertile but additional pecans nearby will also pollinate it as they overlap in male in female flowers. Wind pollinated.
Soil Rich dark soil high in organic matter produces the most vigorous trees but easily adaptable to wide range of soils including clay and sand like I have at my farm. Tolerant to both high and low ph to some extent.
Climate Zone 4-8 Most northern strain of pecan.
Ease of Cultivation Has done well in our rather short cloudy summer season and can likely go through zone 5 easily in ripening even the seedlings. This selection is best for cloudy cool summers and will help expand the range of northern pecan into zone 5. The yields of this selection are impressive for a small tree and would likely be a good place to start to create more cultivars that could even be commercially grown in the north.

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