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"Bright Sky" Americana Dunbars Plum Seeds & Stolon

500 Seeds + Stolon, ADPL_S-500+BSSt $320.00 Out of stock

Currently Unavailable: High Quality Fruits-Prolific Production-Eat Fresh-Beach Plum Type

Dunbars plum produces a great variety of flavors from tart to sweet.  Americana is a seed selection from this wonderful natural hybrid of the beach plum and American plum. It produces more runners from the main trunk like the American plum which can then be pruned off and transplanted. The 1/2 inch fruit red fruits are tart but delicious fresh with little astringency in the skin. This highly productive plant always has clean fruit and foliage which does not discolor during the summer or drop early in August.  The plums are are not bothered by insects or diseases of any type. The difference between this strain and others is the running stoloniferous ability.

"Bright Sky" Plum  This selection of Americana is an excellent fruiting plant with clean foliage and fruit. The yields are very high. The bright red and yellow coloration makes it a stand out in the beach plum class. The fruit averages 1 inch in size. It can be eaten fresh off the plant once fully ripened. It is a good jam maker and is easy to pick. The plants reach 4-5 ft. at maturity and spread slowly by runners which can be cut off to increase your planting. This is probably one of the best dunbars plum at my farm with a very solid fruit set every other year with smaller crops inbetween. A stolon is sent with each order of seeds. It will root once planted. It is shipped in the spring and fall in a dormant state.

To germinate the seeds:  Plant in the fall in good garden soil 1/2 inch deep. Seeds will sprout in the spring. Even if it frosts seedlings will bounce back. Some seeds will remain dormant for an additional season and come up the following spring.  For refrigeration mix the seeds with lightly  moist Canadian peat moss and refrigerate  33-38 F for 90-120 days.  Germination is slow but consistent. When you remove the seeds after the 90 - 120 days refrigeration and put at room temperature the seeds will crack open and the roots will emerge. Some of the seeds will need an additional warm and cold period to break the final dormancy. 

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