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"Blue Ribbon" White Oak Acorns-Scions

100 Acorns+Scions, BRWO_S-100-SC $220.00 Out of stock

currently unavailable "Blue Ribbon" was a discovery by Kansas tree farmer David Pabst who was in the business producing shade trees. He had found one white oak in particular that he loved the beautiful sinuation of the leaves and the clean very symmetrical branching of the tree. It really stood out in his fields of almost identical shade trees. He sent me scion wood of it and I grafted it and sent it back to him. Unfortunately, the original tree was sold and sent to some unknown location. I kept one grafted tree at my farm not thinking much about it at the time. As the tree grew, I really was surprised at the completely straight growth and the strong branching. The foliage was just like he described with deep lobes. When it fruited, there was a nice blanket of acorns on the ground. 

"Blue Ribbon" could provide both a seed strain and clonal population. I will make the scions available with the acorns if possible. The acorn production has been spotty the last few years and I had to do some pruning on other nearby oaks to help with light penetration into the canopy of this wonderful tree.  This oak represents a good clonal selection of white oak which could easily be acorn grafted. Its heat tolerance as well as its fast growth rate could be a boon for oaks who are still under the false image of all oaks are slow growing. 

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