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Cheery Cherry Plum

200 Seeds+Scions,CCPL_S-200+SC $220.00 Out of stock

"Cheery Cherry" Plum seeds and scions: This seedling selection of a Chickasaw plum was selected due to its incredibly high yields of small bright red fruit with a flavor similar to a sour cherry. Unlike a more normal Chickasaw plum this selection doesn't have that ascorbic acid feel in the mouth that most Chickasaws have when eaten fresh. The clean fruit is produced in great abundance which starts ripening in mid to late September and goes through mid October. 

One of the reasons for this selection was to provide a sour cherry substitute without the normal issues of growing cherries. The flavor does mimic sour cherry to some extent and does make a delicious clear red jelly. It likely could be grown for use in syrups. It is completely free of insects and disease. Cheery cherry plum is also one of the most vigorous of this cross as well making grafting more successful. 

Germinating the Seeds: Seeds can be grown for further selection by adding lightly moist peat moss and storing for 90-120 days at 33F to 38 F refrigerated. After cold dormancy put at room temperature and pluck out splitting and sprouted seeds to direct seed in pots. Some seeds may go through an additional dormancy to sprout so do not pitch the seeds that are not sprouted. I use a float test to remove the blanks on this one. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus angustifolia hybrid
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -25 F or more
Height (ft) 15ft. h eight and equal width Broad spreading
Pollination Requirements Self fertile and will cross with both chickasaw plum and wild goose plums.
Soil Adaptable to dry sandy soils and low organic soils.
Climate Zones 4-8
Ease of Cultivation Super productive small plum with dense fruit set with zero issues with disease. Would be a good substitute for sour cherry. Ripens late in the season. The longer the fruit stays on the tree, the better the flavor. Despite its tartness, not as unbearable as pure chickasaw plum.

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