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"Cranberry-Vibes" American Cranberrybush Viburnum Seeds & Cuttings

200 Seeds+5 Cuttings, CVAC_S-200+5C $220.00 Out of stock


currently unavailable 'Cranberry-Vibes" is the first selection of Viburnum selected for its delicious taste even without processing (SUGAR) involving massive amounts of sugar. Frankly, I did not this was possible. For many years I too was tortured by taste testing this wild fruit where people told me over and over again, it was edible. I read the stories of a downed bush pilot that survived on these for a period of time even after being attacked by a bear. Many people told me that this truly was the worst tasting fruit in the history of fruit along with Aronia. Without sugar you are doomed and with sugar the final outcome might have a hint of old gym socks in it. But of course, I did not give up the quest. Finally, a seedling caught my eye at the farm when we were collecting seed a few years ago as the fruit was a beautiful bright red with larger than average fruit. After tasting it even before any significant frost, it was not astringent and actually had a nice cranberry flavor with no gym sock aftertaste. I was shocked and waited two years and had other people taste test it to make sure. Eureka!

The American Cranberrybush is a widely adapted shrub and is known by its clusters of bright red fruit. The fruit ripens and becomes more palatable after several frosts. These frosts remove portions of the rather ascorbic and tannic medicinal flavors naturally found in the fruit. Normally in processing with sugar, these are further lost making a cranberry like jelly or drink. Most people do not know what to do with the fruit and after tasting it, likely abandon the idea of using it. Of course, the birds consume the fruit throughout winter making it a popular wildlife plant. "Cranberry-Vibes" is a selection based on a rich and distinct cranberry flavor without the normal bitter and tannic compounds found within the fruit. As far as I have taste tested over 40 years, this selection really does a different flavor profile remarkably different than any wild seedling I have found so far.

Seeds are available along with the cuttings. The seeds will help produce further selections that have this unique flavor profile. The cuttings will allow you to root the variety true as this is not something that is normally found in any wild seedling population. 

"Cranberry-Vibes" -Selected seedling found on our farm that was likely seeded in by a bird alongside some hickory trees and amur honeysuckle shrubs.