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ECOS Pear Seeds

6 Ounces, ECPE_E_S-6 $320.00 Out of stock

SOLD OUT My Ecos pears were developed from a single tree in Michigan whose Pakistani origins brought in a whole new flavor profile rich in antioxidants as well as removing the rather bland pastiness of commercial pears in the process. Fruits vary from 1-3 inch in size. I found by growing the pears from certain selections that even the seedlings carry forward the larger fruit size. The fruit is tart when you first bite in as the skins can carry a bit of tartness and some astringency.  People liken it to Juicy Fruit gum flavor. It is delicious processed into sauce syrups and jams.

Cultivar development is easy with this seed strain as the seedlings follow this smaller size with robust flavor. Larger leaves also indicate the Asian pear background and can be selected from there as well.  Tolerant to every soil type except wet, this hybrid pear produces a rich diversity of unique fruited plants and can be used for wildlife attractant as well. Some trees tend towards timber growth habit but most are strongly pyramidal and oval shaped. I use only the large fruited types for the seeds. 

To germinate the seeds:  Plant in the fall 1/4 inch deep in sandy soil. Use a light compost to cover the seeds 1/8 inch deep. Tamp the seeds into the soil to hold them in place.  Seeds will emerge in early spring and are quite frost tolerant.  Place seeds 1 inch apart in the row. 

For indoor germination:  Store in lightly damp Canadian peat moss for 90-120 days at 33-39 F in the fridge. Seeds will sprout in roughly 60 days and will continue to sprout slowly in the refrigerator.  After 120 days, remove the remainder of the seeds and normally they will all continue to sprout in 1-2 weeks. When potting keep in mind the depth you are planting so the seed head is close to the surface of the soil and not overly buried. Watch for mold with the fridge method.

3000 seeds per 6 ounces

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Pyrus x communis x calleryana x pyrifolia
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30F or more
Height (ft) 30-70
Width (ft) 30-40
Pollination Requirements Self fertile.
Soil Sandy loam to pure sand. Very adaptable but not wet soil.
Climate Appear fully fire blight resistant in the south. Very rare do I get 'strikes' in my orchard. Hardy into zones 3 to 4 without winter damage.
Ease of Cultivation Useful for cultivar breeding new flavor profiles with disease and insect resistance for pears as well as seedling use of the fruit for drinks, jam and jelly. Very easy to grow in a wide variety of climatic zones. Easy to from seed in 4-6 years once trees reach 2 inches in caliper.

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