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Flava Island Beach Plum Seeds

350 seeds, FIBP_S-350 $240.00 Out of stock

SOLD OUT This seedling group came to me from a collector who harvested from bushes on an island where there was a great diversity of colors and types. We grew out many of the plants some of which we kept for a couple of reasons. One was the yellow fruited types. When we grew them from seeds, the majority of the seedlings were also yellow. In previous experiments with growing plants from yellow plants only 3-5 percent were yellow. This selection was much higher. More tests need to be done to determine the exact percentage. You can tell yellow fruited plants by the yellow petioles. Another characteristic was the long lived main trunks which usually for a beach plum ends around 15 years of age. Flava Island like other seedlings in this group produce a very unusual stolon type growth which skips along the ground and roots if covered by soil. I have never seen this before on beach plums under cultivation. Not all the plants do that but it is a good characteristic in cloning and setting out new plants. 

Flava Island has very good quality fruit with heavy fruiting. It is rare that this group of plants do not have fruit. The plums range in color from blue, purple, black and yellow. Best to plant at least 3 plants to fulfill pollination requirements. 

To germinate the seed:  Seed was clean and stored dried but not overly dried so just add some semi moist peat moss and store for one week at room temperature then refrigerate at 38 to 40F for 60-120 days. Some sprouting may occur after 90 days or so. You can pluck those out and plant right away. Plant at a depth where the cotyledons are just even with the soil surface. Make sure not to bury the seed to prevent rotting. Seeds of beach plum are like an acorn with a root going down first prior to the top showing up. Careful about damp off. I use sand to cover the seed lightly. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus maritima
Seed Source Michigan
Height (ft) 4-6 ft.
Width (ft) 6-8 ft. arching type growth habit
Soil Dry sandy soils.
Ease of Cultivation One of the easiest plants to work with in terms of diversity and creating stable seed populations. Fruiting is always best in open sunny areas with low air humidity throughout the summer. Resistant to most diseases and insects. This strain can spread via long stolons that skip along the ground too making it reproduce ad infinitum when the main plant dies.

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