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Island Beach Plum Seeds-Scions

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Around 30 years ago, I began exchanging beach plum seeds from individuals who knew of individual plants or colonies with different fruit colors. One person in the southern part of beach plum land in its native haunts along the Atlantic coast found several unique selections with different colors and flavors. His primary hunting spot was some coastal islands in the southern portion of the beach plum range. Prior to the internet, the letters contained some very interesting types in rather remote locations found on small islands. Eventually after several exchanges I grew many of these at my farm and eventually planted a small group of them on a sandy ridge on my farm and waited. This particular seed strain produced some amazing plants with a couple of characteristics not found from the New Jersey strains or others that I was growing at the time. One plant ripened very late into October and November. Others showed very good resistance to soot and mildew on the fruit. This is an issue in high humidity summers which can completely ruin the quality of the fruit unless you spray. Another unique growing habit which I had never seen before was the 'on the top of the soil' stolons which would skip along the soil and eventually root in. They were like above ground roots with large stems up to 1-2 inches in diameter.  About 5 years ago, I dove into that group with a pair of lopers and started pruning. It took forever and produced a lot of wood.  Eventually I made it so you walk into the patch easier and pick. It also provided more light to the planting and created higher yields in the years to come. Today this planting has shown a couple of worthy selections for clonal reproduction like 'Flava Island' and a wonderful seed source worth growing in what would be considered non beach plum environments. This is the possibility of the beach plum expanding its range off the beach into other arid and maritime climates around the world. It requires so little yet gives so much. 

"Ultramarine"  A dark blue fruited beach plum highly resistant to mildew and black mold or soot even under high humidity. This selection is a good yielder producing in dense clusters.  The fruit is easy to pick by hand and ripens all at once. Although not large fruited it makes up for in yield and  flavor. This selection is not too tart and has a nice balance of sweet and tart. Plants will stolon some once established on its own roots. This provides a possibility of growing it from root cuttings too. Selected due primarily for its clean fruit and solid consistent yields. Late flowering missing all frosts here like most beach plums. Ultramarine is a second generation from this Island seed strain. 

How to germinate the seeds: Seeds are easy to grow. Start by giving them cold dormancy for 90-120 days from 32-38F. Store seeds in a lightly moist Canadian peat moss mixture and keep refrigerated. After removing from refrigeration after the allotted time, seeds will sprout slowly over a month period at room temperature. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus maritima
Seed Source Michigan, originally South Carolina and south from there off several islands.
Hardiness -30F or more
Height (ft) 4 to 6 ft. high with 8-12 ft. width. Wide spreading with stolon type trunks that lay parallel with the ground before growing upwards.
Pollination Requirements Self fertile likely but having more than one individual will aid in fruit set. Can be from the same seed source or another selection.
Soil Sandy, sandy loam, slightly acidic is ideal. Not for clay and standing water.
Climate Zone 4-8 Has done well in higher humidity conditions here in Michigan without the fruit turning sooty.
Ease of Cultivation Slow to establish but once started fruit is consistent from year to year due to late flowering. This selection offers a chance to grow beach plums as a solid colony of plants so when the trunks begin to fail, these new sprouts will take over as the main trunk for fruit production. Plants tend to grow outwards and lean. Individual plants have exceeded over 25 years before finally fading. This is good for the beach plum.

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