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Timber Form Buartblack Walnut Nuts

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This incredibly rare form of a natural hybrid of black, butternut and Japanese walnut was found in a group of hybrid buartnuts I was growing for the nursery industry. The plants exhibit a strong upright growth habit making it one of the few if any form of a butternut hybrid with strong growth habit. Starting in the early 90's I planted a number of these hybrids selected from the thousands that I grew. Luckily many proved to be highly vigorous in my poor soil and grew very quickly to 60 ft. trees. The tree used for the nuts in this selection is the most upright and fertile producing about 100 nuts for the first time this year. The trees are crossed with other buartblack walnuts and likely black walnuts. Immune to butternut canker. Trees show no signs of canker. Limbs tend to self prune as the trees mature. 

For a butternut hybrid this is a worthwhile direction to follow for the development of timber forms that could be used for quality wood as well as advanced forms free of butternut canker. 

50 seeds per order. The whole crop of this hybrid is very small so only one order is available starting in 2021.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Juglans x cinerea x sieboldiana x nigra
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30F
Height (ft) 60-80 ft. with 40 -60 ft. width
Pollination Requirements Fertile tree but not overly productive. Pollinated by nearby black walnuts and other buartblack walnuts. Self fertile but having other plants of the same cross improves yield.
Soil Grows is a broad range of soil types including sandy soils and poor rocky conditions.
Ease of Cultivation One of the easiest walnuts to grow in poor soils and still retain its fast growth and upright form.