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Wisconsin Adam's Needle Yucca Seeds

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This selection is the tallest and most robust that I am growing. Selected by a friend of the farm of ours who found probably the largest and most evergreen of the species we have seen in 30 years of looking. Much of this germplasm comes from Wisconsin but some of it I collected from wild plants in southwestern Michigan where it is quite common to see around old homesteads and farms. Flowers can reach up to 8 ft. tall and the foliage itself can easily reach 4-5 ft. tall. This is quite a diverse collection with solid fruiting on the tall flowers often bending over to the ground with pods. 

Yuccas have not been explored too much as a food source, but when I use to do school groups, we always gave them to the kids to eat. This is the basal portion of the leaf. To my surprise, they loved it. The fiber from the plant has huge possibilities much like that cactus belts and  wallet ads I keep getting in my Instagram feed. No one really has looked at this as a fiber plant, but surprisingly is one very durable plant in my plantings and now it is so easy to just push a few seeds in the ground and instantaneous yucca abounds.  This particular strain was selected just for the large long leaves and tall stature. I am sure there are others out there and likely you will see these in a Plant Delights catalog as others have named varieties of them. The flowers taste good to me, and I will munch on them when I am outside working. They have a pleasant flavor and I always wondered if they could be dried and added to tea to create the same flavor when they are fresh. 

To germinate the seed: Yucca has no need for dormancy. Just plant outside in the spring like you would lily seeds about ½ inch deep. Plants will produce a long root as well as a needle looking top in 7-21 days. It takes about 3-4years to get a plant big enough to flower and fruit. It is the most easy seed to germinate.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Yucca filamentosa
Seed Source Wisconsin, Michigan
Hardiness -30 F
Height (ft) 8 ft. flowers
Width (ft) 3-4
Soil Can grow in rock and clay. Not particular.
Climate Zone 3-10. Tolerates heat and dry.
Ease of Cultivation Anyone can grow it from seed. No germination dormancy. Plants are shade tolerant and last a long time with increased size and flowering with age.