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Perennial Perpetual Diversity Potato Tubers and Seeds

Pkg.10 Tubers+1000 seeds PPDP_T-S_10-1000 $220.00

Selected for 'diploidness' or fruitfulness,  this individual has produced both high yields of tubers as well as full sets of berries to extract seeds from. As a result you will be able to continue this line of fruitful potato without ever having to purchase seed potatoes again plus grow and sell the Perennial Perpetual Diversity Potato. This package comes with 10 tubers of the purple skinned selection as seen in the image as well as 500 seeds produced from this potato which I kept separate from other potato plants to avoid cross pollination. I am also including another 500 seeds from plants that have overwintered for the last decade here at my farm in southwestern Michigan. 

The history of this potato:  Selected over the course of a decade of growing potatoes from seeds, I found by accident that the heirloom blue potato I was growing had set seeds. From there I did a grow out of this seedling line which was planted outdoors unattended to for 5 years or so. This live and let die philosophy was against what I normally do however I had to take a break from my farm at the time to help a family member from out of town so I did not have the time to harvest them during this time. From there I began another grow out patch from those seedlings to produce fruits and seeds only. I had tried other types available on the market as well but they were too disease prone here. Over time as well as what appeared to be the blights wiped out many plants quickly.   For that reason the purple potato in the image has been with me for 5 years and has been a good yielder as well as a constant fruiter.  This year I grew the plants starting in mid June yet they still fruited very nicely with the berries ripening fully. 

it is the true seed of the potato that can allow you to skip the 'viral overload' and start afresh with a new populations. From here you can find your own population adapted to your location as well. This was the issue for me. There are other very good seed sources on the market for diploid potatoes. I do not think they are bad necessarily, just not adapted enough to grow in a more feral situation. That is the purpose of the Perennial Perpetual Diversity potato,  in that you can create a wild self replicating plant if it remains healthy over time as well as having good reproductive tendencies meaning fertile fruits and seeds. Since the potato has historically been male infertile now comes a time to change that by having wild potatoes free of the plant breeders who created them in the first place.  Welcome Perennial Perpetual Diversity!  

To germinate:  Lightly sprinkle seeds on top of the soil or media mix and lightly spray the surface of the soil. Seeds will sprout within one week and continue up to three weeks. If possible for maximum yield start plants one month prior to frost before transplanting outside. Can be direct seeded but needs a fine sandy soil for best results. Treat the seeds like tomato seeds and plant out after frost. Once established try leaving out a portion of the crop to test its winter hardiness. Winter hardy potatoes for us are ones that tend to dry down a little and can freeze without turning to mush. You can also test this by putting them in the freezer but it is not as reliable as the outside. Keep your eyes open on fruitful potatoes and keep the seeds of those as well as the potatoes themselves to continue.   

Package comes with 10 tubers plus 1000 seeds. 2 packets of 500. One from the diploid pictured above as well as one from the original Perennial Diversity Potato which is multicolored.