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Alberta Clipper Corn

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Tags: corn, meal, early, ripening, 60 day

Very early maturing dry field corn from Alberta Canada. 65 days. Can be dried for meal or eaten fresh if roasted. (Not a sweet corn but can be eaten raw or cooked during one week of ripening). The 6 inch ears are small but always free of corn ear worm due to its long husk. Plants are semi dwarf growing 3-4 ft. tall on average with one ear per plant. Given to us by a researcher from Canada who was working with short season crops for the most northern areas of North America. It took us about 3 years of growing out to get a uniform crop with larger ears with uniform filling all the way to the end of the ear. The earliness may vary from 60-70 days.  In 2017 we planted on July 1st and it still ripened in time however the ears were smaller than normal so that might be its limits in terms of yield and development of the kernals. 

Someone asked us if the yields can compared to what would be considered normal field corn. The answer is the yields are roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of a normal field corn. The advantage of this corn is a that if used or developed further for a summer season cover crop, at least the crop can be used to feed animals or corn meal for the home gardener.  Rather than letting a field go fallow, this corn could be used along with a nitrogen fixing crop for an additional yield. The lack of bulky long stalks make it easy to till in as well. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Zea mays
Seed Source Northern -Alberta, Canada
Height (ft) 3-4
Pollination Requirements Breeds true if no cross pollination.