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Tour of My Farm, TTIE_2 $25.00
Hourly Rate for Teaching, TTIE_1 $40.00

Hourly rate for in class instruction from Kenneth Asmus of Oikos Tree Crops. Power point instruction plus samples of fruits are brought into the classroom for evaluation which are either fresh in season or jams and syrups made from some of the fruits at the farm. 

For tours, please contact ahead before ordering to accommodate scheduling. Once confirmed you will receive a Google invite via email to be added to my calendar. Dropping by is not a possibility so please plan ahead a few weeks if possible. A weeks notice is ideal but can be done at times with less notice. 

You can directly email  Kenneth at   oikostreecrops@gmail.com . I will give you a call and send you my cell number in the process or use the contact form on the front of the website. 

Hourly rate: Classroom instruction:  40.00 Hour. Power point plus a fruitful experience for all. 

Tour of My Farm Per Person $25.00   Hour and a Half  Includes sampling fruit in season. Save the seeds. 

No shipping is charged. Tax is included in the price of this service.