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Blackhaw Viburnum 'Iowa' Seeds

Packet of 25 Seeds, BLVI_S $4.20 Out of stock

This Iowa seed strain is more tree like with larger fruits than the selections in Michigan and elsewhere we have tried growing. We originally got this seed from a seed collector in Iowa that possibly misidentified it as Rustyhaw Viburnum of which it is very similar to.  We grew the plants in a very dry soil area at our farm near a grove of oaks we planted. There they thrived! This strain out performed other sources we tried and is now by far the best yielding blackhaw we have at the farm as well as the most vigorous. Iowa also produced a lot of tree type seedlings with not as many stolons. The fruits remain ripe on the tree for a long time and the flavor even off the bush is delicious. Easy to harvest. Best use is to make a paste out it with a little sugar. Very easy to process and use. 

To germinate the seeds:  Plant outside as soon as you can and wait for two seasons or ..... For 2021: put in a zip lock with moist media and store in your refrigerator for 120 days. Then plant outside in the spring. Seeds will put down a root in the fall. The top will then appear the following spring in 2022. 

Seeds are kept refrigerated at our farm. We store the seeds with as little drying as possible.

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Viburnum prunifolium
Seed Source Iowa, Michigan
Height (ft) 20-30
Width (ft) 20
Soil Adaptable to a wide range of soils including wet soils and poor drainage. From sand, loam, clay and rocky.
Climate Zone 3-8
Ease of Cultivation One of the easiest to grow from seed and produce fruit in a short period of time. Plants will fruit once they reach about 4-6 ft. tall. They will tolerate some shade, but yields drop if dense shade but the plants will flourish under oaks. Easy to use in processing. Just add water, steam and strain. Add sugar to taste. Raisin like in flavor with a hint of date and figs. Quite good really. Surprise no one has come up further selections of this.

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