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Moonrise Pear Seeds

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This strain of Asian pear comes from Mt. Wolchulsan in South Korea. This non-grafted strain produces small, tart fruit that can be made into juice, jam, or even cider. Recently, a study completed by CISRO, an Australian research organization, found that drinking the juice of the pear reduced hangover severity by 21 percent. This study followed a group of studies with similar findings. You won't find these pears in the supermarket, so growing your own wild pear is the way to go. Like a crab-pear this species is extremely tart and astringent until the fruit breaks down after ripening. To store the seeds cold store them in the refrigerator.  

To germinate fall plant outside 1/4 inch deep with seeds 1/2 inch apart. Germination will be begin in early spring. For germinating in the refrigerator, store in a lightly moist Canadian peat moss for 90-120 days. Do not freeze. Some sprouting will occur in the refrigerator after 70 days upon which you should pick them out and put them in a pot.  Use light aerated soil mix to avoid root rot. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Pyrus pyrifolia
Seed Source Michigan, Range in Mt. Wolluchan, Korea
Hardiness -25F
Height (ft) 30
Width (ft) 30
Pollination Requirements Self fertile species pear.

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