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Nana Beach Plum Seeds

Packet of 10 Seeds, NBPL_S $4.60 Out of stock
Natural Dwarf - Compact -Incredibly Fruitful

This seed comes from a dwarf strain of beach plum developed by selecting five plants from over 4,000 seedlings that fruited in one year from seed. Those 5 plants provided us with enough seed to create the 'nana' strain. Compared to the other beach plums we grow, Nana’s fruit production is much greater with spur type fruiting on a compact plant. After 20 years plant height averages 5 ft tall. Will cross pollinate with other beach plums as well for better fruit set.

To germinate the seeds plant outside in the fall 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in a weed free sandy soil.  Seeds will emerge slowly late in the spring. A portion of the seeds may need an additional season to fully germinate but normally a 70 percent success rate is normal for the Nana strain for the first year.  Never freeze woody plant seeds in your freezer. That is not dormancy.  It will kill the embryo.

 For growing the seeds indoors: take the seeds and put into a zip lock bag filled with lightly moist Canadian peat moss. Refrigerate 34-38 F for 60-120 days. Seeds will begin cracking open while in the fridge after 60-90 days. These can be plucked out and planted in pots in a light soil mix. Plant 1/4 inch deep. Tops will emerge in 7-10 days. A portion of the seeds may not sprout. These will need an additional warm- (120 days of room temperature is fine) and cold (60-120) days period to germinate. 

Next available in the fall of 2020.