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Ussuri Plum Seeds

Packet of 10 Seeds, USPL_S $4.40 Out of stock

This extremely hardy sweet plum has been known to withstand temperatures of -40 F or more. From  Northern China, this species plum produces a bright yellow fruit up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter which comes true from seed. Plants are usually self-fertile. Despite early flowering, the plants tend to set fruit quickly and are rarely damaged by late frosts. Fragrant flowers attract a huge variety of pollinators in spring.  Our seed selections are grown from the most vigorous parent trees reaching 30 ft. tall with straight upright trunks.  Our Ecos selections are highly resistant to black knot. We removed many thousands of seedlings to find a few that are almost immune to this rather devastating disease which is common in North America. In a somewhat ironic genetic twist, the trees with only slight black knot disease also are the most productive so the disease must play a role to some extent in its success or lack thereof.  Prunus not allowed for international.

To germinate the seeds, plant outdoors in the fall 1/2 inch deep in a garden type soil with good water drainage. Seeds will almost all germinate in one season (one dormancy) although a few seeds may sprout in the second year. To do the indoor method, store your seeds in the refrigerator from 33-38 F for 60-120 days in a ziplock bag with lightly damp Canadian peat moss. Seeds will germinate in roughly 60 days as the seeds will start to crack open slowly.  This is the time to pluck them out and plant them in a pot. Make sure the soil mix is light and well drained. Ussuri plum seeds rot easily in high organic soils. Some seeds will need an additional warm and cold period to sprout if some do not sprout the first year. This seems to be common with Ussuri plum.  Plants can grow to 3 ft. in one year from seed. Quite vigorous from seed. Will produce fruit in 3-5 years from seedling. 

No crop for fall of 2019 and spring of 2020 season. Only plants are available. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus salicina var. mandshurica
Seed Source Michigan, Ecos
Hardiness -40 F reportedly
Height (ft) 30
Width (ft) 20-30
Pollination Requirements Best to have any two plants for cross pollination. Does not appear to cross with other plums readily. Flowers and sets fruit quickly.
Climate Zone 3-7. Unknown how it would perform in humid climates.

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