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"Invincible" McDaniels Burenglish Oak Acorns and Scions

200 Acorns+4 Scions, BUEN-S-200+4SC $420.00 Out of stock
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"Invincible" oak best describes this highly vigorous oak strong growing oak selection with dark green glossy leaves. Found as a chance seedling in a Illinois cemetery, this tree provided my farm with its vigorous seedlings starting over 30 years ago. Unfortunately the parent tree was cut down for no apparent reason. Lucky just prior to its demise, I received scion wood from the farmer who I was purchasing seed from. He was a regular fixture in the fall there and I was purchasing acorns of this tree as well as another hybrid that was right next to it. These trees were probably the best seedling producers I had ever grown. Unfortunately, the trees were not considered a commercial success to any degree and I discontinued grafting them. I kept some of the best hybrids in my orchard and kept 5 of the grafted trees in a planting for acorn production. That turned out to be a good idea. 

"Invinicible"   Selected seedling of McDaniels Burenglish oak with a vigorous strong growth habit with large clean green leaves. Heavy producer of large acorns. Trees do produce some narrow crotch angles when the trees are juvenile and are easily removed. The trees can be grafted onto english oak and shows good compatibility even after 30 years with little over or under growing of the rootstock. It is possible other white oaks could be used as a rootstock as it appears the parent tree may have some white oak (Quercus alba) naturally in it. This oak like others can be acorn grafted too. Because of its vigor, this selection could be used in both an urban setting or other areas where oaks are native. The large acorns may not be appreciated in some locations but considering the value of this crop for wildlife should not be underestimated or under appreciated. The edible nature of the acorns is another possibility as this tree has no weevils in the acorns and they drop free of the caps making collection and processing easier. Not a 'sweet acorn' but "Invincible" acorns are large and clean and could be processed free of tannins easily. "Invinicible" was previously sold as grafted trees by Oikos Tree Crops under the name McDaniels. This new name reflects the tree better in terms of its characteristics. 

From seeds, McDaniel hybrids naturally cross back to the bur oak making a more vigorous hybrid compared to the western strain of this cross.  Burenglish oak transplants well and grows in a wide variety of soil types. Growth rate averages 2-4 ft. per year. Acorn production begins between 5-10 years of age. Some of our customers have reported fruiting in 3 years on 5 ft tall trees. Symmetrical crown eventually develops into a dense, round or oval shape. Leaves can be large and clean of foliar diseases. Probably the best acorn producer in our white oak groups. Even from seed, totally worth growing and is definitely not a needle in a haystack breeding wise. 


Plant Specs
Genus & Species Quercus macrocarpa x robur (mcdanielli) or other species
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness -30F
Height (ft) 70
Width (ft) 50
Pollination Requirements Self fertile but two plants is best or add any other white oak hybrid.
Soil Not particular.Sand, loam or clay. Not a wetland species.
Climate Zones 3-9. Tolerant of dry western conditions as well as the humid south.
Ease of Cultivation Many of these english or white oak hybrids really have a wide range of adaptability to soil and air conditions. 'Invincible' combines the best characteristics of several species making it a great seedling producing oak as well as a clonal introduction for the use of this oak for timber and heavy acorn production which are free of weevils.