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Maritime Dunbarii Plum Seeds

300 Seeds, MADP_S-300 $240.00 Out of stock

SOLD OUT Maritime represents the first generation of wild plums from seed that can be produced from seed and retain their wild characteristics. In this case, the dwarf stature of the beach plum and the single trunk of the American plum without the suckering tendencies. I found this unique individual amidst thousands of beach plum seedlings which is rather rare as far as hybrids go. When I first planted it, I had my doubts on its growth habit as I backed over it with my truck. However over time after recuperation this small tree made average growth and began flowering at 5 years of age. The small 1/2 inch sized red and blue plums are very much like beach plum but with a thicker skin. The flavor is very good and is both tart on the skin and sweet on the inside making perfect for jam. 

Next generation trees could easily lead to heavy bearing dwarf plum trees with single trunks and represent a new line of selections that retain the wild characteristics of both the beach plum and the American plum.  They are self pollenating but benefit from other beach plums or dunbars plums or more than one individual of itself to set fruit. 

To germinate the seeds: Put a moist media like Canadian peat moss in a bag making sure to squeeze out the water. Then put the seeds and distribute evenly. Store the seeds at room temperature for one week and then put in the refrigerator for  90-120 days from 38 F to 40 F. Seeds will begin cracking after 60-80 days. You can pluck those out and plant them or give the batch more time to break. A portion may require additional stratification for another season. So do not throw out the seeds. 

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