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Morning Sun Wild Goose Plum

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'Morning Sun' is from a new class of wild plum selected as a seedling of 'Wild Goose' of Prunus hortulana which is indigenous to North America. The yields are nearly 4 times the original species selection with a more upright sturdy tree and clean foliage.  The sweet and tart fruit is excellent for fresh eating, jam, preserves and pies. The fruits are highly resistant to plum curculio. In completely no spray situations there may be some attempted entry into the fruit by curculio larvae. This causes a small black spot to form on the fruit exuding a clear liquid which encapsulates the larvae thereby not letting the insect penetrate and mature within the fruit. There are no fungal diseases on the fruit or foliage including mildew. The leaves are clean and remain so through the fall which helps give good return bloom the following year. The clustering fruit ripens starting in early August and continues for two to three weeks. Harvested more in the yellow stage before the fruit turns red, the tartness of the fruit is increased. 

Unlike the original clonal 'Wild Goose', 'Morning Sun' does not drop its leaves early or have excessive damage due to fungal or insect damage which helps make it much more vigorous and higher yielding. This is the reason this seedling was selected. The flavor is more tart with a dense flesh. Fruit could easily be shipped or packed in containers without fear of turning to mush or breaking down once picked. 

Flavor improves as the fruit ripens on the tree and is best if the fruits develop the red blush prior to picking or shaking. The fruits could be used in the same manner as other wild plums. The skin has almost no astringency unless picked immature. The fruit is dense enough to package and ship as the skin is thick enough to prevent bruising. The bright yellow inside is a welcoming sweet flavor of a new day ahead. 'Morning Sun' is one of a class of new plum varieties from Oikos Tree Crops that require little or no spray to maintain and yet produce a nutritious fruit perfect for organic production.  This variety is specifically bred for Michigan and similar climates where there is high humidity as well as early frosts making plum cultivation difficult. 

Scionwood is sent upon request with an order of seeds in winter during the dormant season usually in January and February. 

To germinate the seeds: Seeds require a cold moist dormancy at 33-38F for 90-120 days. Store in lightly moist Canadian peat moss and refrigerate. Some seeds will sprout after 60 days. These can be plucked out and planted. Some will take the full 120 days. A small portion of the seeds will sprout in the second year. Seeds can be planted outside in the fall as well. Plant in a well drained soil 1/2 inch deep. Seeds sprout slowly coming up in May and June.   Only seeds are used from the variety 'Morning Sun' for this package. 

Request for the scionwood can be made with an order for seeds. There is no additional charge. Scionwood is harvested and sent in January.  Seeds are sent right away. 

Plant Specs
Genus & Species Prunus hortulana ; 'Morning Sun'
Seed Source Michigan
Hardiness minus 25 F or more
Height (ft) 15-20 ft. tall with equal width open spreading crown.
Pollination Requirements Self pollinating but helpful if other nearby wild goose plum seedlings are nearby. Flowers late rarely damaged by frost in our location. Reliable fruiting similar to beach plums at our farm.
Soil Does well in sandy dry soils. If grown from cuttings plants will stolon lightly which could aid in plant reproduction and long term orchard establishment where it would not be necessary to buy replacement plants as the orchard would be self sustaining.
Climate Zone 4-8. Likely would tolerate dry climates.
Ease of Cultivation From seed or grafted, this selection makes it possible to commercially grow plums without spray. The use of this species would be ideal as seedlings for use as is or developing even more heavy producing plums with different fruit characteristics for fresh and processed. At a home garden, this is a semi dwarf plant easily grown in a variety of climates. The one characteristic often overlooked is vigor. Plants should always be selected based on vigor first.

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